3 Reasons New Businesses Should Include Promotional Logo Pens In Their Marketing Campaign

New business owners are especially at risk for failure as they don’t recognize the serious pitfalls of not advertising their businesses right away. Without the necessary advertising experience in any field, it can feel like a thankless task when you don’t know where to start. Depending on your business, making a decision about your future marketing campaign can be tough as it all depends on finding the right marketing solution.

Beginning your marketing efforts with physical promotional items may be the best start to a good campaign. For example, promotional logo pens are worth their weight in gold as they can reach out to a broader audience. It’s a good starting point, and here’s why:

1. The Most Affordable Marketing Method

It’s all about getting your name out there as a new business, but radio ads and flyer advertising can cost a pretty penny. When taking into account your limited capital, exploring new and innovative methods of marketing is the best solution. Promo pens aren’t just affordable, but they serve as a starting point for getting your name out there. In fact, as promo pens are sold in bulk, you can always have enough on hand to advertise your company.

2. Constant Advertising

Video marketing is highly effective, but one must consider that in order for them to work, potential customers must be tuned into watch. Unfortunately, radio ads are also forgettable and the moment your ad stops playing, you simply haven’t gained anyone’s interest. The answer is simple— choose physical items such as promo pens!

Printing your logo on each one of the pens you hand out makes your business become recognizable. Bear in mind, people reach for pens all the time, but when you have an interesting logo that catches someone’s eye, they will remember your company. Now, you may not win someone’s loyalty overnight, but if that person needs similar services offered by your company down the line, they may associate you with the solution to their problems.

3. Pens Equal Usability

There are hundreds of options for promotional items, but why are promotional logo pens so enduring? The easiest way to answer that is simple— pens are used anywhere and everywhere all the time! Think about it: choosing sweaters or tote bags only appeal to a small percentage of our population. On the other hand, promo pens can be used in an office, school, store etc. As long as the pen remains in good condition and is usable, you can rest assured that your company will get the best exposure possible from your pens.

When considering the lengths corporations go to in order to market their products and services, you know that you just can’t compete with their spending. You can, however, appeal to a localized group of individuals that can spread word about your company through the use of promotional items. Pens are still in use and they always will be, therefore, purchasing a large number of them to promote your budding new business is a smart and savvy idea!